Palmer: I can do the job


Jolyon Palmer says there is still time to show Renault that he deserves a place on next year’s grid.

The 2014 GP2 Champion is under pressure to retain his Renault seat, and failing to do so could bring his F1 career to a premature end.

Palmer has yet to score a single point this season, as Renault have struggled in their first year back as a full works team.

Palmer, though, says there is still time to prove to Renault that he deserve a place on the 2017 grid.

The Brit told Autosport: “I feel good because I’m getting better every weekend, and the team can see that.

“Maybe some of the early races were more difficult, but as a rookie I’m becoming more complete as a driver.

“In terms of progress, the team are going to make a big step for next year. I want to be here.

“I know if I do the job I’m capable of, the team will believe in me and think I can do the job in the future.

“While other teams are thinking about what is happening for drivers next year, the reality is a lot of teams don’t know unless they have drivers on multi-year contracts, which we don’t, so there is no reason for anyone to rush.

“Any decision will be much further down the line.”

Renault have already stated that they are likely to make a driver announcement in September.

However, if it was left to Palmer, he says he would wait until later in the season to see what the Brit and Kevin Magnussen are capable of.

“If I was a Renault boss, I wouldn’t be making a decision yet because I don’t see the need.

“We’re focused on improving what we can this year, and also on the car for next year.

“The best situation for them is they can see over a larger number of races what Kevin and I are capable of, and if they are happy then there is no reason to change.”