Palmer: I’m blaming Grosjean


Jolyon Palmer has put the blame entirely on Romain Grosjean for the first lap crash that took both drivers out of the Russian GP on lap 1.

Palmer’s disastrous weekend in Russia went from bad to worse on Sunday when he failed to even reach Turn 4 on lap 1.

The Renault driver was tagged from Grosjean only to spin into the Haas’ path, taking both out of the race.

Palmer believes the blame belongs entirely with the Frenchman.

“First corner, I had a Sauber on the outside and Grosjean on the kerb on the inside,” he said.

“I don’t know what he thought may happen because there was no gap.

“I couldn’t give him any more space but he kept it in and then he hit me.

“Maybe he didn’t realise there was a Sauber on my inside.

“I’m blaming him.

“When you are coming into a corner like that, you’re coming in hot, and there’s not any space, there’s not much I can do.

“I couldn’t turn away, I had the Sauber there.”

The stewards eventually decided not to take any further action against Palmer or Grosjean.