Palmer: Magnussen made a mistake rejecting Renault


Jolyon Palmer reckons Kevin Magnussen made a mistake turning down Renault in favour of a multi-year deal with Haas.

As the 2017 driver line up played out in the build-up to the Brazilian GP, Renault confirmed that Palmer would be staying on while Haas announced that they had signed Magnussen.

Prior to the Haas confirmation, Magnussen spoke of his decision to leave Renault stating that the Enstone team had made him an offer but that it was not “good enough.”

Asked if he was ‘perturbed’ that Renault first approached Magnussen, Palmer said: “I’m surprised to hear that, to be honest.

“I think if Renault turned to Kevin then he’s made a mistake to turn it down because I think they’ll be ahead of Haas next year.

“It’s a manufacturer team going places.

“If you get the choice to go to Red Bull for one year it’s better than going to Toro Rosso for two years.

“I’m not sure that’s definitely the case, but anyway I don’t care because I’m in the seat for next year and nothing changes for me. So it’s fine.”

One of the reasons Magnussen cited for leaving Renault was that the team had only offered him a one-year deal.

And it seems that is exactly what they have given Palmer, but there is an option for 2018 at least.

Asked if he had a one-year contract, the Brit replied: “Yeah but I have an option for the future.

“I need to do a good job next year, it’s understandable for Renault that next year they want to still see how I can do against Nico.

“But I have an option for the future, I believe in myself and in my opinion the car is going to strong next year – stronger – and then it’s up to me to do a good job and then I have an option with Renault for the future.

“So I believe in myself, do a good job and then I’ll be part of the future.”