Palmer predicts ‘lots of one-stop races’


Jolyon Palmer reckons Formula 1 could be on track for “lots” of one-stopping grands prix as this year’s Pirellis have barely any degradation.

The drivers are putting Pirelli’s new wider-for-2017 tyres through their paces in Spain this week as pre-season testing is underway.

The general consensus amongst the field is that this year’s tyres have a lot less degradation than their predecessors.

This has led Palmer to predict “lots” of one-stopping grands prix.

“In terms of how the races are going to unfold, I’d say that’s a massive difference, because there is much less degradation,” he told

“The warm-up is pretty different as well, so I think qualifying in some places will be quite tricky, but the deg is none.

“For us it’s quite nice. You can really lean on the tyres.

“In a race condition, I think there are going to be lots of one-stop races at the moment.

“But also, I’ve not been able to run on the soft and the medium, but maybe the ultra-soft is going to be another step.

“But for now, no deg. Barely any.”

Palmer put in his first laps in Renault’s R.S.17 on Tuesday and declared that he was “quite happy” with the new car.

He finished the day eighth of the 11 runners with 53 laps on the board.

“I have no idea where we’re going to be. I feel I’m quite happy with the car,” he said.

“I think probably everyone is quite happy with the car because they feel so much better than last year. The downforce is much better.

“For us we’ve improved in terms of the compliance which is where as a team we were really weak last year. So I think we’ve made some good steps.”