Palmer: Regular points finishes not far off

Date published: March 27 2016 - Editor

Jolyon Palmer reckons it won't be long before Renault are "consistently" fighting for points, they just need to beat their rivals in the development race.

The British rookie made a encouraging start to his Formula 1 career as he raced his RS.16 to 11th place at the Australian Grand Prix.

Despite missing out on the points in Melbourne, it was a good result for Renault who started the year on the back foot following the late buy-out of the Lotus F1 team.

With money now coming in to aid development, Palmer reckons it won't be long before the team is bagging regular top-ten finishes.

"I'm massively confident we can improve on such a performance," the former GP2 Champ told

"Before the season started we would probably have taken the whole weekend, with both cars reaching Q2 and just outside the points. It's a really good start.

"Considering the takeover was only completed before Christmas, and the money started flowing late, it meant production [of the car] was very, very late.

"But we have upgrades coming all the time, and I think we should be able to outdevelop quite a few of our rivals.

"On race-pace we are even more competitive than in qualifying, so it hopefully shouldn't be too long until we are fighting in the points consistently."