Palmer wants Halo scrapped

Date published: July 15 2016 - Editor

In a much talked about topic this season, Jolyon Palmer has given his thoughts on the Halo cockpit protection device, saying that he would be happy if it was scrapped.

Earlier in the season, Mercedes and Ferrari tried out the Halo concept while Red Bull trialled their own Aeroscreen device in a bid to improve cockpit safety.

While the Aeroscreen received a better response from drivers, the Halo was the one the FIA chose to pursue, with a 2017 introduction being the target.

When quizzed by on whether the Halo concept should be scrapped, the Brit replied that he would be happy if they do so, adding that it will go against the tradition of F1.

“I’d be very happy,” he said.

“I just think it’s pretty ugly, it’s against the tradition in Formula One – I like the open cockpit. I think it’s safe enough as it is otherwise I wouldn’t be doing it if I was worried.

“There are other safety implications as well in terms of getting out the car and the Halo 2 I think is being revised as well so clearly there’s something that’s not ideal about that.

“I think at the moment having an open cockpit and traditional Formula One is where it should be. And the car is much better looking as well.”

During in-season testing at Silverstone, Red Bull also decided to test out the Halo, despite team boss Christian Horner revealing he would vote against it.