Partying Hamilton wasn’t at ‘100 per cent’

Date published: November 28 2017 - Editor

Lewis Hamilton has conceded that his performance levels did take a dip once he wrapped up a fourth World Championship, but has "zero concerns" ahead of 2018.

The Brit won the title at the Mexico Grand Prix, where he finished in ninth spot, and finished P4 and P2 respectively in the final two races of the 2017 season.

That little winless streak means that Hamilton is still yet to win a race after being crowned World Champion, but he is not concerned at all about that particular statistic.

"There's zero concern," Hamilton said.

"I think it's clear that something happens once you've won the championship.

"And all I can say is the week after I won the championship I partied a lot, with my family, and celebrated, and that's what you do.

"I have tried my hardest to stay on it but I wouldn't say it was 100% of what it was while in the season.

"You want to enjoy it. I do still try and turn up and do the job but it's not so easy.

"I can tell you that before all the other races that was not the case."

Even though Hamilton's approach to races was affected as a result of his celebrations, he will be able to quickly switch back to the mentality that made him a champion.

He added: "So sleep, energy has definitely been different on these last couple of races. But nonetheless I still tried to approach them the same.

"But if you don't prepare the same, there's no way.

"So I'm not bothered about that. And next year that will go back to how it was in the second half of the season."