Perez: ‘Formula 1 is very unfair’ on drivers


Sergio Perez has labelled Formula 1 as a “very unfair” sport but is “aware” that he is lucky to be driving in the series.

The Mexican has very much become centre of attention after his second podium finish in Baku, with Force India boss Bob Fernley stating that Perez is deserving of a drive with a top team.

But Perez feels Formula 1 doesn’t necessarily reward driver talent as much as it should and that without the right car at your disposal, it is very difficult to showcase true ability.

“Formula 1 is very unfair in that it depends less on the athlete than many other sports,” Perez told Marca.

“It’s not like tennis for example, where it’s up to you. Even if you’re the best driver in the world you will not win if you don’t have the best car.

“But I do not feel frustrated because I am aware of how lucky I am and the great opportunity I have, and the great career I have had.

“Although I haven’t had a competitive car in my eight years in F1, I still know what I can do. It just depends on the cars I have in the coming years.”