Perez proud of comeback


Force India driver Sergio Perez is confident things can only improve for his team during the 2016 campaign, given the adversity that they countered in 2015.

At the start of the 2015 season Perez did not have much faith in the product at his disposal, but now feels Force India made tremendous progress under the circumstances.

"It was very difficult," Perez told, while reflecting on the start of the campaign.

"I remember now looking back – I was telling everyone in the team the other day – at Barcelona when we brought the new car, we were one second slower than the old car and the old car was not great. When we brought it, it was a big shock for everyone – we were not expecting those numbers," said Perez.

When the season started in Australia, Perez and teammate Nico Hulkenberg both finished among the points, but even then the team felt there was much work to be done.

"The team didn't give up, we went to Australia, Nico finished seventh, I finished tenth – we managed to get some points and we knew that part of the year was going to be hard, so we put all our hopes on the upgrade," added Perez.

Perez was impressed by the progress made after that.

"Even without the upgrade we were fifth in the championship so I think what we managed to achieve throughout the year has been amazing for the whole team and the way the team worked has been really good.

"That gave me a lot of confidence going forward with them, I think next year is a very big year for us because we have to improve what we have done this year and that means a big step on us."