Perez: Verstappen is not learning from mistakes


Crashing at Monaco’s Swimming Pool for the second time in three years, Sergio Perez says that is a sign that Max Verstappen is not learning from his mistakes.

Verstappen will start Sunday’s Monaco Grand Prix from the very back of the grid after crashing out in qualifying.

The Red Bull driver lost control on the kerbs in the Swimming Pool section and smashed into the barriers.

It was an exact replica of the crash that he suffered two years ago.

Perez told Autosport: “Those things happen. But if it happens after you’ve done it [before] then it means you haven’t learned.

“It can happen to anyone, we’re all pushing really hard. If it happens twice then it means you’re not learning about it.

“We put our wheels millimetres away [from the barriers], and from the couch maybe it’s easier to judge.

“But you should learn from your mistakes.”