Perez waiting for ‘top’ opportunity


Force India driver Sergio Perez has revealed his ambitions of racing for another top team after his impressive third place finish at the Monaco Grand Prix.

Claiming his sixth podium of his career in Monte Carlo, the Mexican is hopeful that teams will forget his torrid time at McLaren, where he only lasted a year after receiving unwanted criticism for his aggressive and reckless driving.

Perez enjoyed wonderful years at lesser known teams such as Sauber and Force India and is hoping that his performances with those outfits has put him in line for a big move elsewhere.

When quizzed about the matter, the 26-year-old said that he is hoping that suitors haven't only noticed him at now at this year’s Monaco Grand Prix but also recognised his impressive performances at Sauber and Force India as well.

"Well, I hope not only this one, I hope what I have been doing over the past years," he explained to Sky Sports.

"I had a really tough time at McLaren and it seems that this is what everyone remembers, my time at McLaren but no one remembers my time at Sauber, my time at Force India.

"All I can do is keep doing my job, keep doing as well as I can, keep improving as a driver.

"I think in the last years I have improved a lot. I'm a more complete driver in all aspects, qualifying, race, race pace, better experience.

"So if the opportunity ever comes, I will be ready for it and I'm up for it. If not, all I can keep doing is doing my job."