PF1 awards: Best recovery race in 2018


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Our penultimate category is to honour those performances where drivers have come from the back and made fine recoveries on race day.

We, along with our partners The F1 Word, have picked out five fine displays from drivers who have overcome adversity, which has not been inflicted upon themselves, and delivered the goods in a big way.

Take a look at the five performances nominated: 

Fernando Alonso (Baku)

Lewis Hamilton (Silverstone)

Lewis Hamilton (Germany)

Max Verstappen (USA)

Max Verstappen (Russia)

You can join The F1 Word for further discussion on each of the selected drivers here:

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And cast your vote in our poll below…

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Voting will close on Saturday, December 8.

All the winners from each category will be revealed on Monday, December 10.

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