Phillipe Bianchi cries ‘every day’ for Jules


Almost a year after the death of Jules Bianchi, his father says he cries "every day" and is pressing ahead with legal action against F1.

Bianchi passed away aged 25 last year as a result of the diffuse axonal brain injury he suffered when he crashed into a recovery vehicle at the 2014 Japanese Grand Prix.

"Every day, every time I see his photography, I cry," his father Philippe Bianchi said in an interview with CNN.

"To lose a child is not normal. For all the parents who lose children it's difficult It's difficult for me. It's difficult for his mother. It's difficult for all."

An official FIA report into the circumstances surrounding Bianchi's accident cleared Formula 1 of wrongdoing, and went as far as to state that Bianchi had failed to slow sufficiently.

Rejecting the accusations against their son, Bianchi's are taking legal action against the FIA, Bianchi's Marussia team and Bernie Ecclestone's Formula One Group.

Making the announcement in May, the family's lawyer Julian Chamberlayne said: "Jules Bianchi's death was avoidable."

Asked about the plans to sue, Philippe told CNN: "I have lost the single-most important thing in my life and have nothing to lose.

"I want the memory of Jules to be right. It's not possible for me and his mother to see people that say it was Jules' responsibility."