Pieces From The Renault F1 Vault!


The rumours are that the classic yellow livery will be back on track with Renault in 2016!

Here are our top 5 classic Renault F1 pieces in the PlanetF1 shop. You can own a genuine piece of Renault F1 heritage…

1. Fernando Alonso Framed F1 Seatbelts £599
These seat belts were worn by double World Champion Fernando Alonso when he drove the Renault R28 F1 car; used during the 2008 F1 season. Now framed for your wall, and complete with certificate of authenticity.

2. Renault Rear Wing Assembly £3000
A genuine Rear Wing Assembly from the Renault 2009 car – as driven by Alonso. Comes complete with brackets for mounting on your wall!

3. Renault F1 Gear Ratio & Layshaft Lamp £299
These race-used Renault F1 Gear Ratios and Layshafts have been stylishly transformed into lamps for your living room. A subtle piece of classic F1 memorabilia to fit in with your home furnishings!

4. Renault Bearing Keychain £25
A piece of F1 in your pocket, this best-selling keychain is hand-crafted from a shiny Renault F1 Bearing, which was raced on the track at over 200MPH. Your very own FIA-approved keychain!

5. Luxury F1 Chess Set £9950
New in the shop is the ultimate game of F1 chess! Flawlessly handcrafted from over 82 race-used Renault F1 and Lotus F1 components. Chess at 200MPH!

Find your very own piece of F1 heritage in the PlanetF1 Shop.