Pirelli asked to simplify tyre choices for 2019


The FIA and FOM have asked Pirelli to simplify their tyre choices for the 2019 season to improve understanding on what compound is being used.

Pirelli currently have the hypersofts, ultrasofts, supersofts, softs, mediums, hards, superhards, intermediate and wet tyres as part of their lengthy line-up.

But both governing bodies have requested that the Italian manufacturer change the names for race weekends.

“We had a request from FOM and FIA to just call them hard, medium and soft, with three colours, the same colours and same names for all the races,” Pirelli boss Mario Isola said.

“But obviously different compounds, because you cannot use the same compounds we use in Silverstone in Monaco or Suzuka.

“On a second level we will have compound A, B, C, D, E, F or whatever, and we will tell you that for this race, the hard is B, the medium is D and whatever.”

Isola also said it would be “possible” to agree to the request and further discussions within his own team will now take place.

He added: “It’s an on ongoing discussion but we said we are available to evaluate this change.

“I made a check with production and logistics, obviously we need to understand all the implications.

“It is feasible because we produce a specific batch for each race to be sure that they all come from the same batch of production.

“So honestly to put a purple label or a yellow label or any other colour is not a big issue. It’s a possibility.

“For spectators it’s probably more understandable, but you also have the possibility to go deeper in detail for technical information that we will continue to provide.”