Pirelli: Development will see field stretch out


Pirelli racing manager Mario Isola has said that the simulation values they have received suggest that the gap between cars will become bigger.

The new aerodynamic regulations will see wider wings and wider tyres which have been designed to degrade less over the course of the race.

But, after the mule cars they were tested on were unable to reach the expected levels of increased downforce, Pirelli are having to rely on their simulation data for now.

"Yes, that's why we asked the teams for their simulations not only for the beginning of the year, but the end of the year," Isola said to Autosport when asked about whether the new tyres can deal with the increased downforce.

"If I look at the simulations for the start of the year, the values coming from different teams are quite close [to each other].

"Looking at the values for the end of the year that take into account the rate of development, it's a bit wider.

"But we keep this communication [with the teams], we have an idea."