Pirelli: No ‘special’ tyre for Mexico


Pirelli is likely to go with softer options for next year's Mexico Grand Prix, but the chances of them introducing "special tyres" for the race are pretty remote.

The Autodromo Hermanos Rodriquez returned to Formula 1 last weekend following a 23-year absence and, as expected, the asphalt at the revamped track was pretty smooth, causing drivers to slide all over the place.

Pirelli opted for the medium and soft combination and Lewis Hamilton said after the race "I think they should make special tyres for this race. We need more grip".

Although motorsport director Paul Hembery admits they were a bit conservative in their selection, he says they are "unlikely" to make a "special tyre" for next year's race.

"It's always very hard when you come to a new circuit as you're never sure how the surface will react during first running and this literally was the first race on it," he told Autosport.

"If you look back to Austin the first year, it was very smooth, similar to this.

"But Austin has been used heavily in the last few years and has changed dramatically.

"Sochi is very similar but it hasn't been used a lot so remained a very slippery surface.

"Probably next year you would have the super-soft in Mexico if you're going to have three anyway.

"But the chances of doing a special one are unlikely."