Pirelli propose one test in Spain, one in Bahrain


Pirelli believe Formula 1 would be best served by splitting the two pre-season tests between the Barcelona circuit and Bahrain International.

This year’s opening pre-season test was blighted by poor weather with just 17 laps covered the entire day on Day Three as snow fell at the Barcelone circuit.

It raised the question of why exactly do the teams test in Spain given the cold temperatures in late February.

The last time pre-season testing was held outside of Spain was back in 2014 when the teams put in the laps in the warmth in Bahrain.

“In Bahrain we know that we have weather conditions that are more consistent,” Pirelli sporting director Mario Isola told Crash.net.

“We know that if we go to Bahrain it is very difficult to find the rain, very difficult to find a temperature that is not in the range of 25-30 degrees.

“In this respect, Bahrain for tyre testing is more representative.

“On the other side, Barcelona is more complete. The circuit layout is more complete.

“Bahrain is all about braking and traction, you don’t have a lot of high speed corners, while in Barcelona you have a bit of everything, so there are pluses and minuses if you got to Bahrain and if you go to Barcelona.”

As such Isola says Formula 1 should consider splitting the two pre-season tests between the two locations.

“That is why there were some discussions about that. It makes sense to have four days in Bahrain and four days in Barcelona.

“Ideally in the opposite order because you fly in this direction you must first come to Barcelona.

“If you do both obviously you reduce the minus and you have plus. You must consider the logistical implications but this is something that is feasible.”