Pirelli reduce minimum pressure for Monza

Date published: September 3 2016

Pirelli reduced the minimum pressures at Monza on Saturday morning, taking the decision after evaluating the data overnight.

Ahead of the Italian GP weekend Pirelli set the minimum pressures as 23.5 psi for the front and 21.5 psi for the rear.

However, ahead of Saturday’s final practice that was lowered to 23 and 20.5 psi respectively.

Pirelli’s F1 racing manager Mario Isola told Motorsport.com: “It is mainly because of simulation that we found 100kg more [force] on each front tyre, and the estimated top speed is 10km/h quicker than last year.

“On the rear tyre we have estimated force of 80kg more than last year – that is the reason why we have this increase.

“Also last year we had 3-degree camber at the front, this year we have 3.25 to give a bit more freedom to the teams with the wear profile to avoid an excessive wear on the outside shoulder.”