Pirelli reveal 2017 tyres


Pirelli has offered a first glimpse of what Formula 1 tyres will look like in 2017 as they unveiled their new wider tyres in Monte Carlo.

As of next season Formula 1 is moving toward more downforce and more aggressive cars, meaning Pirelli have had to design a tyre capable of meeting those objectives.

This has led to tyres that are 60mm wider at the front and more than 80mm wider at the back. However wheel rim diameter remains unchanged at 13 inches.

The Italian tyre manufacturer explained in a statement: “In 2017 there will be new technical rules that include a significant increase in aerodynamic downforce.

“To fulfil the objectives of improving lap times, in combination with the latest aerodynamic modifications, the decision has been taken to have wider tyres and therefore a wider track.

“Formula 1 would like to achieve a reduction in lap times of around four seconds per lap as a result of these new regulations. A part of this reduction will come from better performance from the tyres during corners and under acceleration.”

Formula 1 bosses are hoping that the 2017 changes will up the pace by as much as five seconds per lap.