Pirelli surprised by one-stop


Pirelli have defended their tyres, adamant that Sunday's Belgian GP was a two-stop race at best.

Losing a potential podium finish on the penultimate lap of the grand prix, Sebastian Vettel had a go at Pirelli.

According to the Ferrari driver, the blow-out was "not acceptable" and could have had severe consequences had it take place earlier in the lap.

Pirelli, though, insists there is nothing wrong with their tyres.

Rather, Paul Hembery says, Vettel and Ferrari took a gamble to run a one-stop strategy and it didn't pay off.

Asked whether he was 'surprised' by the German's strategy, the motorsport director said: "You have to be a little bit because it was the only car doing that.

"We felt it was a two-stop race and some tried for a three-stop.

"Sometimes you try something different and if it delivers exceptional results, you're a genius."

As for Vettel's rather sweary reaction, Hembery said: "You've got to give him the benefit of doubt.

"He's a driver, he's been out there and frustrated that he's only one lap away from getting a result.

"I'm not going to criticise him for that."