‘Pirelli to change tune on tyre blow-out’


Pirelli is set to change its tune over what caused Sebastian Vettel's tyre blow-out at Spa with reports claiming a cut from debris or a sharp kerb was to blame.

Ferrari driver Vettel launched a scathing attack on the Italian manufacturer in the aftermath of the Belgian Grand Prix after his right-rear exploded on the penultimate lap after doing a 28-lap stint on the medium rubber.

The German felt that "things like should not be allowed to happen" adding that "if it happened 200 metres earlier, I'm not standing here now, I'd be stuck in Eau Rouge".

Pirelli, though, claimed Ferrari's one-stop strategy was too risky, but the four-time World Champion again hit back saying "our strategy was never risky, at any point. The team is not to blame".

The tyre company confirmed earlier this week that they have completed their probe into the incident and will release their findings at Monza this weekend and reports suggest they will make a U-turn.

According to Daniel Johnson of Telegraph Sport, it has been found that "the failure was caused by a cut to the tyre, likely from a piece of debris or one of the circuit’s curbs.

"Pirelli will backtrack on their first conclusion – that Vettel and Ferrari were solely responsible – when they reveal the details of the probe this weekend at the Italian Grand Prix. Pirelli is expected to say wear was simply a contributing factor.

"It is likely to damage further the little faith drivers already have in the Italian manufacturer."