Pirelli tyre test behind closed doors


Teams have been barred from using the post-season Pirelli tyre test to develop their own cars while all the tyres run will be unmarked.

Pirelli have been given the go-ahead to hold a one-day post-season test that will take place over 12 hours at the Yas Marina circuit on December 1.

The Italian tyre manufacturer intends using the time to develop a new construction for the 2016 slick tyres as well as testing the new Ultrasoft compound.

But while Pirelli are set to learn a lot, the teams will kept largely in the dark and will not be permitted to develop their own cars.

The company said in a statement: "All teams will attend the test, running one car each, and they will not be allowed to try new parts nor alter the cars in any way during the test.

"Pirelli will define the test programme for each car. The tyres used during this test will not be considered as part of the testing allocation for 2015 and will not show any branding or colour markings to indicate which tyre set is fitted to each car.

"A very full testing program is planned due to the limited amount of time available. The full results will not be available until some days after the test is concluded, as all the data from the teams is collected and analysed."

Added to that, the media have not been invited to watch the action.

"For all these reasons Pirelli and the teams have with regret taken the joint decision to keep the test closed to the media. Pirelli will, however, be releasing a full press release at the end of the test," the statement added.