Pirelli ‘very happy’ with wider tyres


Pirelli will work with the teams to find a "satisfactory and safe solution" in the wake of the announcement that teams will be free to choose their tyres in 2016.

Following this week's Strategy Group meeting, the FIA revealed that as of next year there will be "free choice of the two dry tyre compounds (out of four) that each team can use during the race weekend."

This means that instead of Pirelli designating the two compounds per grand prix weekend, each team can pick the rubber that suits their car best out of supersoft, soft, medium and hard tyres.

Speaking about that decision, Pirelli's motorsport boss Paul Hembery told F1i.com: "Yes it's been noted, we would like to look in to what the problem is that's got to be solved, but as ever Pirelli will work with all the teams to find a satisfactory and safe solution."

That, though, was not the only ruling impacting Pirelli.

The FIA also revealed that F1 plans to switch to wider tyres in 2017 in a bid to up the pace of the cars.

As yet Pirelli do not have a contract for 2017 but Hembery says they would embrace the idea.

"We're very happy with that, we suggested we should go back to the wider tyres, they look more aggressive and more dramatic," he said.

"That's something that we would be very willing to support, and that was discussed with us."