Pit Chat: Ricciardo loses his fastest lap bonus


Thank you Winnie Harlow for making the Canadian Grand Prix remotely interesting…and giving us a priceless reaction from Daniel Ricciardo.

But first…

Location, location, location

Ferrari’s race week did not get off to the best of starts when getting their Canadian city skylines mixed up.

Thankfully no other teams decided to tease them about it. Well, not everyone.

And, with that in mind, we are really looking forward to the return of French Grand Prix in a couple of weeks on the outskirts of Marseille. It’s beautiful, especially at night.

Speaking of pre-race gaffes, BBC Sport are giving out World Championships to anyone these days…

Typos, typos everywhere

There was also a strong case of typoitis doing the rounds, so bad that we also caught it too.

With Marc Marquez testing with Red Bull in the previous week, we took the MotoGP/F1 crossover a little too far with a full-on team name change.

But, we weren’t the only ones to come down with it.

It happens to us all.

Groundhog Day

“Aww!” was our first response when we saw our little furry friend in Montreal. That soon turned to apprehension when you see just how close it was to the track.

And of course it had to be Romain Grosjean who crashed into it. Who else?

Poor soul. At least Grosjean had the decency to speak to the immediate family members.

Then, on Saturday, the groundhog community joined forces with another of Grosjean’s old foes, Marcus Ericsson, by making his engine go pop.

We won’t end groundhog chat on a sad note, so here’s the Red Bull boys trying to get through a tongue-twister and Max dropping a lovely F-bomb.

Mad Max

Before Max finally let his driving do the talking, there was some left over aggression he needed to get rid of. Lots said he was joking, but he looked deadly serious to us.

Then Max got all sassy after his excellent performance in qualifying…

That race strategy sure paid off though.


Fernando Alonso deserves so much better than what is happening to him at McLaren. But at least we can still enjoy his no bullsh*t responses before he no doubt leaves Formula 1 at the end of the season.

And strong contender for best clip of the weekend:

Seeing as Crofty has made an appearance, he had zero shame in crowbarring in this toe-curling joke in Sky F1’s coverage. So bad, it’s good.

Fake news

We struggled to contain ourselves when hearing this quote from Stoffel Vandoorne:

“I don’t think [the stats] tell the whole story,” Vandoorne said. “In reality we are very, very closely matched.”

Just a reminder: it’s 7-0 to Alonso in qualifying and it’s 12-0 since Malaysia last year. We reckon the stats tell the whole story and the sequel.

Vandoorne also gave us strong Austin Powers flashbacks this weekend.

Almost there…


You had one job…

Ok, we can’t wait any longer. Let’s get to the early checkered flag.

The look Winnie Harlow gave to the steward, who was actually to blame for the whole incident, said it all.

She did us all a favour by ending it early.

But, as priceless looks go, you’re not getting any better than Daniel Ricciardo’s face when he learned that his fastest lap had been chalked off due to the early classification. Bye bye to that bonus.

Home truths

With the race in serious danger of sending us to sleep, an unlikely saviour in the form of Nico Rosberg was on hand with an in-race Q&A on Twitter to save us with some insightful comments for once.

On Kimi:

And on Alonso:

Best of the rest

One of the best things about Formula 1 is that even when there is seemingly nothing going on, there is still actually plenty going on.

Vettel shared a funny story over a game of backgammon with Ted Kravitz.

Lewis Hamilton took a lot of time out with his fans in Canada. Awesome to see.

Williams actually bloody won something.

And we have watched this gif on loop more times than we care to admit.


Last word

We’re giving it to Jacques Villeneuve this weekend for the predictable, but still rather savage comment about Lance Stroll.

Villeneuve on Canal+: “It’s no longer the wall of champions.”

Until France…