Predictions: Which team will suffer the first DNF?


It’s the tag that nobody wants, but which team do you think will suffer the first DNF of the season?

We’ve asked for your World Champions and your best of the rest, now it’s time to get into the murky waters of unreliability.

The Mercedes-powered cars ran reliably as ever in winter testing, while Ferrari have been known to have some very costly DNFs of late.

The Renault engine can be ticking timebomb, as Red Bull and Toro Rosso found out last year, while the latter will he hoping the Honda engine does not slip back into its old habits after such a positive pre-season.

McLaren, meanwhile, surely have to be a contender given their continued troubles in testing despite switching to Renault power.

Cast your vote below, and we will reveal all your predictions on Monday, the first day of race week.