Prost: Red Bull can topple Mercedes


According to F1 legend Alain Prost, Red Bull has the capability of ending Mercedes' dominance with their new B-spec Renault engine.

During mid-season testing, Renault supplied Daniel Ricciardo and their own team's Kevin Magnussen with new engines, which proved successful as they fast tracked them to be ready for Monaco GP, where they impressed.

Prost, who is a Renault Ambassador, explained that although he doesn't see another major leap in performance like the one prior to Monte Carlo, he is expecting gradual growth with closing the gap between Red Bull and the Silver Arrows.

He also added that despite the French manufacturer having their own team, they are satisfied with Red Bull being ahead of them as they are not as competitive as the top-end of the grid yet.

"They could be a challenger, maybe a big challenger, for Mercedes, definitely," the four-time World Champion explained.

"But I don't think Renault can do much more for the engine, but for sure there will be some more improvement.

"But [Renault] are very happy…unless [the constructor team] are going to become competitive – which is not today – they are very happy to see the engine winning and Red Bull to be a contender. I'm not jealous at all, for sure!

"I think it's a very positive thing, in this situation. It's a constructor team, so you have an engine and chassis together now, so it can be a positive fight or competition. At least you know the engine is working well and it can be very good for the people making the engine, very good for the image, very good for Red Bull.

"It means you can concentrate, and it gives a nice motivation, a nice vision for the future. It is almost like 'this part is working, so we can do even better'."