‘Proud’ Lewis chasing Senna’s records


Lewis Hamilton idolised Ayrton Senna as a youngster and now he is on the brink of equaling a couple of the Formula 1 legend's records.

The reigning World Champion has started in pole position at the last seven races and if he claims another P1 in Singapore this weekend then he will match Senna's record of eight consecutive poles.

On Sunday he will have another chance of emulating his hero as a win will see him draw level with Senna's 41-race victories.

"Since I was a boy I have always wanted to emulate Ayrton and be as similar to him as l could – whilst still being myself," Hamilton told Sky Sports News HQ. "I've always wanted to drive a car like he could or handle a car like he could.

"It's quite surreal to think that 20 years later l am fighting for a similar number of podiums or Championships, but we have to remember that if he continued he would have won many more. But l feel proud to be in terms of results to be similar to such a great."

Hamilton has already won seven races this season and claimed 11 pole positions, but one of the most important statistics is that he is closing in on a third Drivers' Championship, another Senna record he will equal.

Not everyone is happy with the way he has dominated this campaign, but the Mercedes driver insists it's still been hard work.

"People must think when they are watching that it must get boring but it really doesn't," he said. "You are always faced with a challenge and you are always pushing yourself to get better.

"It's pretty much impossible to get the perfect lap so you are always chasing the perfect lap and every Sunday feels different – you wake up on the wrong side of bed, your mood or your energy levels feel different, and you never know what is going to happen in a race. Every win has felt like it is the first time.

"A thousand people help me achieve what we achieve. While I get to stand on the podium I only do so as a representative of a huge group of people. I'm very lucky to have worked with so many great people throughout my career in F1. I've won a race in every year I've been in F1 and that's what l live to do.

"The last couple years have been the best of my life."