Q&A with Robert Kubica – Part 2


Lotus Renault GP gave their fans the opportunity to pose their questions to Robert Kubica. Here is Part Two of the Q&A session…

Lotus Renault GP gave their fans the opportunity to pose their questions to Robert Kubica. Here is Part Two of the Q&A session…

Q: Wieniek: Is F1 history relevant to what you do on the race track today? Thanks and good luck getting up to speed.
RK: F1 history is obviously very interesting, but so many things are changing in terms of technology and sporting regulations that you can’t really learn from the past. It is instead very important to use your own experience and adjust it to the different circumstances that you face in every race week-end.

Q: Marcin Strukowski: Robert, me and my friend are going to study at the mechatronic technical school. Maybe we could help you a little in F1. Our ideas are better than Newey’s! What’s your advice?
RK: That’s really good news! I can put you in contact with our R&D department ; they will be pleased to evaluate your ideas.

Q: Łukasz : Concerning this year’s championship fight do you think Vettel will wrap up the title soon?
RK: It looks like this season’s challenge is for the second place rather than for the first. But you never know. For several seasons now the Championship was decided at the very last race, so we will see.

Q: Kubus911: How it is to drive an F1 car around the streets of Monaco?
RK: I personally really enjoy it because you must drive every inch of the track with extreme accuracy. This is especially true during qualifying, you have the impression that your instinct goes quicker than your brain.

Q: Trzynastka32: How many races have you seen this season? Were they boring or interesting?
RK: I have seen all of them! Generally speaking I have found them all interesting and I think that the new regulations have definitely improved the show.

Q: Krystioo FAN: Is it true that you’re coming back for the Brazilian GP?
RK: I like to have a goal when it’s a reasonable one. We’ll see how the next few months go in terms of the rehabilitation process evolution and then we’ll take a decision in due time. What is important is that I know that my Team is keeping my seat for whenever I need it.

Q: Przemoziom99: On which track, that isn’t on the in F1 calendar, would you like to race?
RK: I would definitely say Jerez de la Frontera – it is a track that I know well as Formula 1 does a lot of testing there. And If other than in an F1 car, I would go for Macau.

Q: Dibol: What goals have you set yourself for your nearest future when you regain your health?
RK: Exactly those that I had before, my goals haven’t changed.

Q: Persy: Robert, you spent your childhood in Poland and your youth in Italy. With F1 you’re travelling around the world, you have apartment in Monaco… Is there any place you can call your “home”?
RK: My home is simply where my friends are and my personal interests are – this is the most important to me. A nearby airport is also quite important…

Q: Patryk: jak długo będzie przebiegać twoja rehabilitacja ? (How long will the rehabilitation take?)
RK: It is difficult to predict the timing of a process that is also dependent to the ‘rules of nature’. But the good news is that my recovery is consistent and sooner or later I will feel sufficiently fit to be able to put a date on when I’ll be back.

Source: Lotus Renault GP