‘Quit threat born of frustration’


Daniel Ricciardo feels Dietrich Mateschitz's latest rant comes purely from frustration and not a desire to quit Formula 1.

Ahead of the Austrian GP, and gearing up for a trying home race, the Red Bull team owner warned of what could happen if he lost "motivation completely."

He added to Speed Week: "They take from us not only time and money, but also the will and motivation.

"There is no driver and no chassis which is able to compensate for this lack of horsepower."

And while some fans have not been at all sympathetic, Ricciardo says he understands the business owner's frustration as he felt it himself last time out in Canada.

"I heard a few of the comments and I think it was a bit like my comments in Canada – a lot of frustration," he told Autosport.

"We're not in the first two or three races anymore, we're now in the eighth race of the season so the frustration can start to build.

"We know we're still at a big disadvantage. We were optimistic we'd close the gap this year – I think that's where the frustration comes from."