Raikkonen blames poor wet tyres for crash


After his horrendous crash on lap 19 at the Brazilian Grand Prix, Ferrari ace Kimi Raikkonen claimed that wet tyres back in the day were better than the current sets.

Starting the race on full wet tyres and behind a safety car, Raikkonen was one of six retirements at Sunday’s race as the Finn rued the tricky conditions in Interlagos.

“When you do many laps behind the Safety Car it gets even more difficult,” he explained.

“It was not raining heavily, but there was a lot of standing water.

“The biggest problem was the aquaplaning and I got it in a place where I was not expecting it: I spun off on the straight. I almost got the car back, but then I went off in a pretty bad place.”

Raikkonen also went onto add that the wet tyres used in the previous seasons could handle aquaplaning much better than they did today.

“The wet tyres are very vulnerable, easy to aquaplaning,” said the 2007 World Champion.

“It obviously depends on the circuit and on many other things, but comparing to some years ago, those tyres could handle this kind of water with no issues of aquaplaning.”