Raikkonen calls for clarification


Kimi Raikkonen wants the rules to be cleared up as to what drivers can do while racing each other after his tussle with Max Verstappen in Texas.

The Ferrari driver spent several laps battling with rookie racer Verstappen for position in Sunday's United States GP.

Raikkonen appeared frustrated with Verstappen's antics, saying "that guy keeps pushing me off the circuit every time I am near him."

He added that if that is legal, he will "try it next time."

The Finn has now called for clarification of the rules, adamant he has no issue with what Verstappen did, so long as everyone can do it.

"With Verstappen I just wanted to ask if it's OK when you are next to another car, at some point on the exit of the corner are you allowed to always push the other car up on the kerbs," he said.

"Apparently it's fine. As long as everybody has the same rules that's OK.

"There are so many rules in F1 these days: you should not move under braking, you should leave a car's space when the other guy is next to you.

"When they defend the inside, you go to the outside. It's not leaving anybody space if you push the other guy wide.

"It's fine but it's not fine if the next time I do the same to someone else, I get penalised then that’s the issue

"But it should be clearer so we know what we can do and what we can't do."