Raikkonen: I have the speed to continue in F1


Kimi Raikkonen believes he has the speed to stay in Formula 1, he’s now waiting on Ferrari to “choose whatever is best for” the team.

According to reports, Ferrari are keen to retain their current line-up for a fourth consecutive season for 2018.

It would be a divisive decision with some saying Raikkonen hasn’t lived up to team-mate Sebastian Vettel, while others point out that he is often called upon to play number two to his team-mate.

As such Vettel has won four grands prix with Raikkonen yet to get off the mark and trailing his championship leading team-mate by 86 points.

“Personally, I’m not happy with the results,” he told Autosport.

“I want to win races, I want to be up there all the time and that hasn’t been the case this year too often.

“I know when things are correct, and there are quite a few things that happened and you pay the price for it.

“Driving-wise, I have the speed, so I’m not worried about that. It’s about putting things in the correct places.”

As for his future, he is hoping to stay on at Ferrari next season but admits the decision rests with the Scuderia.

“I’m not very happy where we have been finishing, considering all the races so far, but this is what we’ve got so far – we cannot change it,” he said.

“Is that enough whatever happens in the future? I don’t know. We’ll see at some point.

“The team knows what I want. In the end, it’s up to them to choose whatever is best for them.”

He added: “My only aim is to do well, that’s the only reason I’m here, not anything else.

“It’s not because I want to be just part of it – that’s the complete other end of the story.

“It’s not always fun when it’s not going well, but that’s how it is.

“It depends on many things. Speed-wise, we have it, but it’s not enough if you have the speed if the rest doesn’t go as you had hoped.”