Raikkonen irritated by lack of consistency from FIA


Kimi Raikkonen has expressed his frustration by the lack of consistency from the FIA after his duel with Red Bull youngster Max Verstappen.

At Sunday's Hungarian Grand Prix, Raikkonen and Verstappen were battling for P5, with the latter aggressively trying to keep his position from a relentless Ferrari driver.

During one of his many attempts of an overtake, Raikkonen clipped his front wing on the rear tyre of the RB12, which prompted him to blame Verstappen for making more than one manoevre while defending.

The Dutchman was cleared by the FIA and went unpunished. However, the 2007 World Champion feels that the stewards need to be more consistent with their decision making.

"The battle became more difficult when I lost part of the front wing. I could no longer follow closely in the last corners of the lap and didn't manage to get past," Raikkonen explained.

"For me, he moved once to the right, I decided to go left and the other car moved left. Once I decided to go and he decided to move back, I did everything I could to avoid contact… Once you decide to go one way you cannot move back.

"It was good to somehow half miss him. I lost a bit of the front wing, but there are rules but this weekend, and I'm not just talking about what happened between me and Max, in many ways why do we have rules if Stewards can decide it's OK here and not OK here. If the rules don't apply all the time and to all the people, then we shouldn't have them.”

"There are so many different rules these days that if you are in front, according to some rules you can move but when the guy behind makes a move, commits to something and the other guy decides to move, it's difficult to avoid hitting him. In that second case I just managed to miss him but it was two times, in my feeling, he wasn't correct.

"The Stewards or the people that decide how things go here, it's a joke with the rules. Yesterday's qualifying was a good example with the 107 per cent rule, but they applied it to the guys who didn't go through from Q1 but they didn't for the rest. How can you suddenly have the same rule and apply it in different ways during the same session? Can someone explain me how that works?

"This is Formula One these days and something has to change, because this looks bad to people outside, to you guys and I think it's not fair. There's a rule and it should apply exactly the same way, every time, to everybody."