Raikkonen: No difference the president being there


Kimi Raikkonen has rubbished suggestions that Sergio Marchionne presence at the Hungarian GP factored in his refusal to attack Sebastian Vettel during the Hungarian Grand Prix.

Although it was evident that Raikkonen was the faster of the two Ferrari drivers at the Hungaroring on Sunday, at no stage did the Finn launch an attack on Vettel for the lead.

In fact, despite informing Ferrari of his better pace and that Vettel was holding him up, allowing the Mercedes drivers to close in, Raikkonen still didn’t make a move on the German.

Put to him that it was perhaps because Ferrari president Marchionne was in the paddock, with the implication that contract talks are looming, Raikkonen denied that had anything to do with it.

“No, it makes no difference,” said the Finn.

“Obviously we know as team-mates what we have to do and like I said, I had a pretty good run into the first corner on the first lap but being team-mates… we can fight but we probably leave a bit more space and not going to force the issue as maybe against somebody else.

“At the end it was obviously for a one-two and I can only look what I did yesterday and complain to myself I was not in a very good chance to win the race – but nevertheless my car was good and we had a plan as a team and, y’know, it was a fair game.

“Seb was yesterday first and he got away first and obviously the aim was whichever way we finish we’re going to finish one-two. That’s the aim.

“No difference would the president be here or not. To be honest I haven’t seen him – apart from podium. Haven’t had time so far today…”