Raikkonen: We lack overall lap time


Kimi Raikkonen says there is no one or two big issues with Ferrari’s SF16-H, it just needs “to go faster.”

In a season where many expected Ferrari would challenge Mercedes for race wins and perhaps even the World title, Ferrari have instead fallen to third in the standings.

The Scuderia have yet to win a grand prix while Mercedes have 14 P1s to their tally and even Red Bull have two.

As such Mercedes are on course to walk away with the 1-2 in the championship while Red Bull have pulled ahead of Ferrari.

However, as Raikkonen states, there is no quick fix on the cards as there is no one area on the SF16-H that is problematic, it is just too slow.

“The car behaviour is not too bad but we lack overall lap time,” he said. “We try to improve all the areas all the time.

“In qualifying, we are not as fast as Mercedes so it is hard to expect we will suddenly beat them in the race. But in race conditions, we are usually stronger.

“Handling-wise it feels pretty good, we just need to go faster.

“There are not one or two places that have a big issue, and that is why we are not as fast as them.

“We need more grip, more horsepower, and go faster with everything. Our aim is improve all the areas.

“It is not easy to find those things, otherwise everyone would go as fast as the fastest guy all the time.

“It is ongoing process. We are not the only team that is improving things. We keep working and pushing and improving and fighting each race.”