Readers’ Theories: Hungarian conspiracies

Date published: July 26 2016 - Michelle Foster

Was Lewis Hamilton searching for Pokemon? Do Rosberg and Verstappen’s dads really hold that much sway? And what about Alonso’s action? All this and more in the latest round of PF1 conspiracies…

Horner reckons Vettel is off to Mercedes in 2018
Ericinyarea Eric
The ship is sinking thinking about jumping off in 2018? The pot is starting to boil Ferrari has no direction and Vettle is starting to see it, this is were the talk of a all German Team begins at Mercedes, they really don’t need Lewis ego might show it’s head if they are fastest in 2017 or faster.

Toto Wolff and Nico Rosberg

Only for Merc to confirm Rosberg
Mike Herbert
Thats blows Horners theory of finger boy going to Mercedes in 2018, both drivers signed to 2018 end.

Hamilton crashed in FP2
Randy Noel
Looking for Pokemon?

Mercedes & FIA played a part in Rosberg’s pole
Gareth Paginton
Team Mercedes and the FIA are doing everything in their power to gift Nico the championship, Nico can do no wrong, it’s totally embarrassing to be honest.

Terry Murry
The tactics they are deploying can turn someone into enemy number one.

Even his dad had a say
Tony Hibbert
nico went PURPLE inthat sector doesnt that mean it was the fastest sector of the weekend ? if so how could it of been slower than his previous time for that sector ? DADDY IS BUDDIES WITH THE STEWARDS THEY ARE OLD FRIENDS . thats why rosberg always gets the minimum or no punishment .


Alonso spun in qualifying
Matt Gibson
Why is no one talking about how Alonso intentionally spun to ruin Hamiltons lap as payback for 2007?

Dick Van Arsdale
I very much doubt that – but I could entertain the idea that he spun deliberately to protect his and Button’s qualifying positions. I’ve not seen his lap though.

Terry Murry
People don’t blame Nico for being on the ball, blame Alonso for being well OFF it!!


Why Max wasn’t penalised for blocking Raikkonen
Hussain Mk
Max you should thank your dad who’s good friends with stewards. You will soon get exposed by DR and fail like you did in monoco. I hate RBR they destroyed so many careers in F1. First they were finger puppets of vettel and now max. Vettel on the other hand got destroyed by DR and now getting owned by Old chap kimi

Alan Jones was personally responsible for the lack of penalties
Anthony Iuculano
Yeah, and I understand why he gave no penalty yesterday either when neither Red Bull, Force India, or Bottas qualified within 107% of Rosberg’s Q1 time too..guess he didn’t want to prevent his fellow countryman from starting third. That said, Verstappen is lucky he finished the highly today in the race to begin with.

All the help in the world and Rosberg still lost
Roi Sibambo
They took his mechanics away and gave them to Nico, they advise Nico on what to do, they favour Nico they gave him another contract they tried to change the strategy to benefit Nico by getting him in first before the King and he still can’t beat King Lewis. And you know what I can’t see King lewis giving up a 46 point lead. Maybe it’s time they stop