Red Bull believe they’re close to Mercedes


As the second practice session concluded, Red Bull duo Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciado believe that they will be Mercedes’ main competitor ahead of Sunday’s British Grand Prix.

Both drivers lapped impressive speeds at Silverstone, with Ricciardo being second fastest and Verstappen third. However, none could match Lewis Hamilton’s 1:31.660.

The young Dutch driver also claimed that both practice sessions were actually quite positive and that they are hoping to carry their momentum onto Saturday’s qualifying sessions.

“Very good day. We are competitive,” said the teenager. “I enjoy driving here. It was a bit tricky in the second session with the wind but I think that is okay.

“We are quite happy. We are quite fast. And not too far off the Mercedes cars, so a pretty positive day I would say.

“It is still a bit of a power track but you also have the fast corners in it, so that is good for us. It was a good day. Short run was good competitive but also long runs were very good. Pretty pleased with that.”

“That is a bit early to say. They are pretty quick still. If we can behind them as the second team that would be pretty good.”

Ricciardo echoed Verstappen’s words, but said that he doesn’t think Mercedes pushed very hard today, especially with Rosberg not even putting a lap in during FP2 due technical problems.

“Compared to Lewis, it looks pretty good,” the Australian said. “I am not convinced they have got everything out of that today, but I am happy with where we are today.

“It is good. Long runs seemed a bit more competitive than last week as well, so far so good for a Friday.

“There is still a bit more to get out of the car, the soft on high fuel, there was still a bit more I wanted from it to try to get closer.”