Red Bull duo angered over Vettel incidents


Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo were both furious with Sebastian Vettel in the wake of the Mexican GP with the former saying his penalty was unjust.

Vettel caught Verstappen with five laps remaining on Sunday and put the pressure on the Dutchman.

With his medium tyres over 50 laps old, Verstappen locked up and ran off the track at Turn 1.

He rejoined ahead of Vettel and crossed the line in third place only to be stripped of that by the stewards.

They deemed Verstappen to have gained an advantage and hit him with a five second penalty that dropped him to fifth.

But given that Sunday's Mexican race started with a similar off at Turn 1 for race winner Lewis Hamilton, Verstappen says the penalty was not fair.

"Lewis gained a massive advantage [at the start] and Nico went off and gained an advantage," he told Sky Sports F1.

"I didn't gain an advantage. 

"When I came back on track I was the same length in front so I think it's ridiculous."

His frustrations, though, did not end there.

Vettel was also involved in an incident with Ricciardo that saw the two trade paint before Vettel launching into a sweary rant aimed at Verstappen and even FIA race director Charlie Whiting. 

"It's ridiculous what he did," Verstappen added. "Daniel was alongside him and he just turned into him. 

"Then he is shouting and I don't know how many times he is using very bad language. I think he needs to go back to school. It's just ridiculous. 

"I will speak to him. He is always frustrated. He is just a very frustrated guy."

As for Ricciardo, he says Vettel moved under braking and did not deserve to finish the race on the podium.

"He did what everyone has been complaining about – moving under braking," he said. 

"He's smiling now but for me he doesn't deserve to be on the podium. He kept on closing the door under braking and in the end I had nowhere to go."