Red Bull duo will both find Bahrain ‘tricky’

Date published: March 31 2018 - Editor

Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen believe the Bahrain Grand Prix weekend will not be a straightforward affair due to the change in conditions.

Only one practice session will actually mimic the same conditions of the first night race of the 2018 season, meaning the correct set-up for the car is always difficult to nail down.

"It’s actually quite a tricky event," Ricciardo told the official Red Bull website.

"The practice sessions are in the heat of the day but the important sessions, qualifying and the race, are in the evening when the track cools so you have to be very adaptive with the set-up." 

"Normally if you’re quick you don’t want to touch the car but in Bahrain you are forced to as the conditions change so much in the evenings.

"The track is one that I’ve always done well on so let’s hope it continues to be good to me."

Team-mate Verstappen also singled out the varying conditions between practice sessions, but is looking forward to racing in Bahrain again.

"I always enjoy going to Bahrain, I have a few friends out there so it’s always nice to catch up with them and enjoy the warmth," Verstappen added.

"The weekend is an interesting one as you only have one session to understand how the car behaves under the night race conditions because the other two sessions are during the day, so it’s a bit hot.

"The track itself is very technical, you have some slow corners and then you end up in some really fast corners which makes it a fun circuit.

"Driving under the lights is always nice as we don’t get a lot of opportunity throughout the year.

"The go kart track there is really good, I had a world championship race there when I was younger. It was very new at the time but I really enjoyed it."