Red Bull expect to retain Ricciardo, Verstappen


Red Bull team owner Dietrich Mateschitz is confident that both Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen will still be with the team next season.

With Red Bull struggling for form, Formula 1’s silly season rumour mill is once again linking Ricciardo to a move to Ferrari.

Mateschitz, though, believes he will be holding onto both his drivers.

“Where would they go?” the Austrian told Salzburger Nachtrichten.

“There will not be places free at either Mercedes or Ferrari.”

Red Bull had a bitter Sunday in Spain this past weekend as while Ricciardo achieved his first podium result of the championship, he was 75s behind race winner Lewis Hamilton.

Asked whether Red Bull’s RB13 really is 75s off the pace, Mateschitz replied: “No “No, but we have to catch up.”

He highlighted the fact that Renault’s latest update has been “delayed”, calling for Red Bull to be “patient until we get closer to Mercedes and Ferrari.”