Red Bull expecting Spanish GP engine boost


Red Bull should be on a par with Ferrari in terms of engine performance come this season’s Spanish GP; that’s according to Helmut Marko.

Red Bull have been on the back foot since the introduction of the V6 engine in 2014, the arrival of which brought an end to their championship-winning run.

Last season, though, there were encouraging signs from engine supplier Renault that resulted in race wins in Spain and Singapore.

But despite Red Bull being the only team to win grands prix aside from Mercedes, Marko reckons they are still lagging behind Ferrari’s power unit.

He does, however, believe Renault will close that gap come this season’s Spanish GP.

“The signs are encouraging, the deficit is gradually reducing,” the Red Bull advisor said in an interview with

“We should be well positioned by Europe,” he added, “on a level with Ferrari in terms of performance unless they make a big leap.

“At the Mercedes level, we are not quite that good, but the gap is no longer so blatant that we have to say we don’t have any chance.”