Red Bull ‘open’ to Aston Martin engine deal


Set to take on Aston Martin as their title sponsor come 2018, Christian Horner says Red Bull are “absolutely open” to running their engines in the future.

Red Bull have announced that next season Aston Martin will up their sponsorship of the Formula 1 team, taking on the title role.

This has led to speculation that Red Bull, who could lose Renault as their engine supplier at the end of 2018, could run Aston Martin engines down the line.

Asked about it, Horner told Autosport: “It’s something we’re absolutely open to.

“First things first, we need to see what the regulations are and whether it is viable for a manufacturer like Aston to be able to buddy up with another third party in a bid to produce a competitive engine.”

As for Aston Martin, president and CEO Andy Palmer says they too are “open” to the idea, however, it will depend on where Formula 1 goes with the new engine regulations come 2021.

“Both options are open,” Palmer said. “It genuinely depends on the bill at the end of it.

“Aston, in general, works with specialist engine companies like Cosworth, Ricardo, Ilmor and AVL.

“Even for our road car engines, we use those specialists.

“It would be reasonable and possible that Aston would join up with the likes of Cosworth to put together a proposal.

“Nothing is decided yet. I have had discussions with all the aforementioned groups.

“Our closest relationship right now is with Cosworth because of the Valkyrie engine.”