Red Bull preview the European GP


Daniel Ricciardo is excited to be racing in Azerbaijan while Max Verstappen says the track looks "very interesting"…

Daniel Ricciardo: "It’s on to Baku. I’m excited to go there because it’s a new track so it’s going to be a challenge for everyone, but the fact that it’s a street circuit is really cool. I’m pretty optimistic that the city itself will be quite good fun. I’ve seen some pictures of the city and it looks cool – it sort of reminds me of Budapest a little bit, so let’s see, I’m pretty excited to go there."

Max Verstappen: "We’re heading to Baku. My dad has raced there back in 2012, and I’ve watched the races online and some parts of the track are pretty similar. He was pretty positive about the whole city in general saying it’s a nice place to go so I’m looking forward to it. The track looks very interesting because it has such a long straight for a street circuit which will be difficult for the wing setting because on a street circuit you want lots of downforce but with such a long straight you have to find a good compromise. Baku is new for everyone. You start from zero which I always like, and it’s always good to discover new countries and new tracks.”