RBR reassured Ricciardo amidst favouritism fears


Despite Christian Horner informing the world that he wants to build a Red Bull team around Max Verstappen, Daniel Ricciardo insists he has no concerns about favouritism.

Trying to persaude Verstappen to extend his Red Bull stay, team boss Horner told the media that he wants a long-term future with the Dutchman, one that would allow him to build a Red Bull team around the driver.

And with Verstappen also receiving the only Renault upgrade in the latter part of the championship, there may have been some concern in the Ricciardo camp.

The Aussie, though, says Horner not only spoke to him about it but insists he isn’t worried.

“That is not what you want to hear,” he told Autosport about what Horner’s initially comments.

“I didn’t see it in the press but afterwards I found out about Christian’s comment.

“It was because he actually came up to me and cleared it up.

“He said ‘look, if you’ve seen the comments, it’s not out of context but I didn’t want it to come across that way’.

“He said ‘please I don’t want you to think anything like that. We’re fighting for both of you’.

“Max got the updated engine in the last few races, that was the only thing that has ever been different.

“But I don’t have any concern with it. If I did, I would have spoken up about it already.”

Asked if he believed he would have equal treatment to Verstappen in the future, Ricciardo replied: “I do. That’s 100 percent honest.”