Red Bull put pressure on Ricciardo


Red Bull boss Christian Horner has warned Daniel Ricciardo that he cannot keep the team waiting forever for a decision on his Formula 1 future.

Ricciardo is out of the contract at the end of next season but is in no rush to commit his future with anyone as he assesses what the best move is for him at this crucial stage of his career.

At 28, Ricciardo feels he is now in a position to dictate the contract proceedings and make the move that could potentially give a shot at silverware.

But Horner has said the team will move on to other candidates for the seat alongside Max Verstappen if he does not make a decision soon.

"I think Daniel knows what our strengths are and hopefully we’ll be in a reasonable position," Horner told Racer.

"I think he’s at a stage in his career where he’s wanting to evaluate all of his options, which you can understand.

"The problem is we won’t wait around forever and we’ve got some very good options available to us, but our priority is to try and ensure we find a solution with Daniel."

Ricciardo could find himself in a position where he has three options to consider: a move to Mercedes or Ferrari, or to stay at Red Bull if they can prove they have car that is capable of challenging for the title.

And Horner believes that is what the Aussie is waiting for before he evaluates options elsewhere.

He added: "I get the impression he’ll want to see relative engine performances next year. He’s had four years of frustration on that side of things, so I can understand him wanting to see how things are panning out."