Red Bull ‘well ahead of schedule’


As Red Bull look to rebound from a dismal 2015 season, team manager Jonathan Wheatley has revealed that their preparations are "well ahead of schedule."

Last year Red Bull failed to win a single grand prix for the first time since 2009. It was a pitiful display from the four-time World Champions, who largely blamed engine supplier Renault.

But with none of the other engine manufacturers willing to jump on board, Red Bull will stick with Renault running rebranded engines this season.

"It's been a challenge, but I think if there's any team capable of dealing with that it's us," Wheatley told

"The guys have done a fabulous job in the factory – amazing work over Christmas. Everything feels pretty much under control. We know what we're going to get and when we're going to get it.

"We were lucky in that the power unit that we ended up with [Renault] was the one that we knew very well, so the packaging [of the car] has been relatively straightforward in that respect.

"I was sat with the chief designer recently and things are well ahead of schedule."

As for the decision to stick with Renault, he added: "There's some very good news coming out of France at the moment.

"It's not going to be extraordinary, but they've made some gains – it's very positive.

"I think that's probably where we are at the moment. Is it going to be on the same level as the other [leading] power units in 2016? I think that's probably unlikely. But we only need to get close."