‘Red Bull will remain Renault’s benchmark’


Despite McLaren switching to Renault power next season, Christian Horner believes Red Bull will remain the French manufacturer’s “benchmark” team.

Next season Renault will power their works team as well as Red Bull and McLaren.

It promises to be an interesting tussle as while Red Bull have won grands prix this season, McLaren reckon they have the best chassis on the grid.

“McLaren’s a great team with strong drivers and we look forward to competing with them on track,” Horner told Reuters.

“We’ve made great progress in the second half of this year and obviously our target and objective is to carry that momentum through into 2018.

“They [Renault] have a benchmark in Red Bull.”

The team boss is confident that Red Bull can have a stronger 2018 season as they will go into next year’s championship building on a car that is a proven race-winner.

“We’ve got pretty much regulation stability so the lessons we take out of [the] RB13 will go into [the] 14.

“Obviously we’re hopeful that on the engine side performance and reliability improve over the winter – they are fundamental aspects for us.

“I think we’ve demonstrated that we’ve got a really competitive chassis.

“If we can take [the] learnings into next year’s car then hopefully we can start on a stronger footing than the second or so that we were off at the start of the year.”