Red Bull won’t veto McLaren-Renault deal


Red Bull may have the power to veto McLaren’s expected switch to Renault, however, Christian Horner says they won’t as “two strong customer teams is only a good thing.”

McLaren are expected to confirm their split from Honda later this week and announce that they will instead use Renault power in 2018.

The deal is dependent on Toro Rosso signing with Honda as that would then lead to a straight switch.

However, it is not just Toro Rosso who could scupper McLaren’s plans.

“We have a veto over who potentially Renault could supply,” Red Bull team boss Horner revealed to Sky F1.

“But,” he added, “of course, if there was a straightforward switch that would be very straightforward.

“It was something that went into the contract 10 years ago when dear old Ron Dennis wouldn’t give us a Mercedes engine.

“Theoretically we could do [veto it].”

Horner, though, says Red Bull won’t as they see the benefits in Renault supplying engines to two championship-winning teams.

“We’d be happy for them to get Renault engines,” he explained.

“I think everyone’s happy with the route it potentially may go, it’s just needs something to kick it off and come to a conclusion.

“It’s not our engine, it’s the Renault engine, so two strong customer teams is only a good thing I’d have thought.”