Red Bull’s behaviour offends Ferrari boss


Sergio Marchionne, Ferrari President, was annoyed about Red Bull’s behavior over their engine woes.

The poor relationship between Renault and Red Bull resulted in the them cutting ties with the French manufacturer.

Red Bull claimed that it was concerned about the reliability and performance of Renault’s engines and approached Ferrari as a potential alternative.

However, the Milton Keynes-based team eventually stuck with Renault, though the unit was renamed TAG Heuer.

Marchionne indicated that he was annoyed by Red Bull’s attitude, believing they deserved to have good engine.

“What I find offensive is that somebody considered normal and absolutely rightful to have a good engine,” Marchionne told Autosport.

“Nobody has the right to get such an engine. Everything has to be defined, in proper times for these specific terms.

“Then Renault didn’t want deliver an engine because there were issues in the past and because there were some claims about the requests. There were problems in finding the team spirit.

“What Renault did was decide to give Red Bull engines and give Red Bull the opportunity to be successful. It’s also a matter of fairness, of giving credit where credit is due.

“I do not want to accuse anyone of anything. I don’t want to defend [Renault chief] Carlos [Ghosn] or accuse anyone of anything.

“Is a team strong in terms of chassis if it has no engine? It is not a complete team. A team is strong when it has strong drivers, strong chassis and a strong power unit.”